HSARPA Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency FIRM-DLG Flood Insurance Rate Map-Digital Line Graph NDA 1) National Defense Area FIAB Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board JRMPO Joint Regional Medical Planning Office OCZM Office of Coastal Zone Management CII Critical Infrastructure Information OJCS Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff MAST Military Assistance to Safety and Traffic NSN National Stock Number QBE Query By Example TISP The Infrastructure Security Partnership ANCA Anniston Chemical Activity FEMA 6) Area Contingency Plan URISA Urban and Regional Information Systems Association EEOC Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Sort. kB Kilobyte WTC World Trade Center (obsolete) 3) Intellectual Property Rights TWOV Transit Without Visa Program BI Background Investigation METL Mission-Essential Task List 2) Computer Numerical Control 4) Area of Special Consideration SWP 1) State Warning Point 3) Emergency Management Division AOR Area of Responsibility HPT Health Physics Technician RA 1) Risk Assessment 305 ( 5148) Non-liability of Federal Government 2) State Approving Official/Officer (affiliated with EPR) PLUMIS (See PIADC [Plum Island]) SQL Structured Query Language WFU Wildland Fire Use 2) State or Security Operations Center DM Disaster Management WSR Weather Surveillance Radar CE 1) Categorical Exclusion NRAT 1) National Radiological Advisory Team WPS 1) Water Purification System 2) Nuclear Radiological Advisory Team AMGS Air & Marine Group Supervisor CERC Coastal Engineering Research Center RECC Regional Emergency Communications Coordinator 2) Associated Builders and Contractors RAMTAR Radiological Material Transportation Accident Response HOO [NRC] Headquarters Operations Officer 2) Master Control Cell meV Millielectronvolt NWWS National Weather Wire Service COSO Chief of Staff Office/Operations EICC Emergency Information and Coordination Center FAS 1) Foreign Agricultural Service Call Now: 866.812.8231. NDMSOSC National Disaster Medical System Operations Support Center BTA Bioterrorism Act IIFC Information/Intelligence Fusion Center PAO 1) Pacific Area Office EROS Earth Resources Observing Satellite OTAN Organisation du Trait de l'Atlantlique Nord (NATO) MOA Memorandum of Agreement 2) Authority to Participate 2) Middle of Month The primary purpose of your job position is to provide each of your assigned patients with routine daily nursing care and services in accordance with the patient's assessment and care plan, and as may be directed by your supervisors. AFRCC Air Force Rescue Coordination Center TDS Time, Distance, and Shielding ZONE V1 to V30 Special Flood Hazard Area inundated by the 100-year flood; coastal floods with velocity hazards (wave action); base flood elevations are determined HDP Hurricane Destruction Potential USSTRATCOM United States Strategic Command SM 1) Shelter Management BERT Building Emergency Response Team LSG Large Scale Game(s) . TIA 1) Telecommunications Industry Association SCP Security Control Point NISAC National Infrastructure Simulation and Analysis Center ESGR Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve FBIIC Financial and Banking Information Infrastructure Committee NGVD National Geodetic Vertical Datum BWC Biological Weapons Convention FOF Field Operating Facility FOSC Federal On-Scene Coordinator RQ Reportable Quantity PACOM U.S. Pacific Command HMC Hazard Mitigation Coordinator lbf pound force DHUD Department of Housing and Urban Development (also HUD) 2) Federal Response Subcommittee NFPA National Fire Protection Association AMHS Automated Message Handling System EMT-P Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic SVOS Secure Voice System LRFD Load and Resistance Factor Design USMC United States Marine Corps ARA Aircraft Rental Agreement JFC Joint Force Commander AFOSC Air Force Operations Support Center QFR Questions for the Record (affiliated with OLA) COTR Contracting Officer's Technical Representative Please include what you were doing when this page came up and the Cloudflare Ray ID found at the bottom of this page. GTM Government Technical Monitor PPBES Planning, Programming and Budgeting Execution System 2) Just In Time IAE Integrated Acquisition Environment (eGovernment Initiative) ISPAG Information Systems Policy Advisory Group 2) Historic Preservation NIPP National Infrastructure Protection Plan HAZUS-MH Hazards - United States (Multi-Hazard) RCM Radar-Coded Message INMARSAT International Maritime Satellite 2) Emergency Contacts Directory 2) Counterterrorist Division 3) Civil Affairs CBCF Cross Border Crime Forum SHSI Sensitive Homeland Security Information EOC 1) Emergency Operating Center/Emergency Operations Center FIMO Federal Incident Management Official 3) Customer Satisfaction Unit DIFAX Digital Facsimile You can email the site owner to let them know you were blocked. AWO American Waterway Operators TSARM TSA Self-Assessment Risk Module FMS Financial Management System WESTPAC Western Pacific HSPD Homeland Security Presidential Directive EMPS Emergency Management Program Specialist 3) Coordination and Planning DCIS Defense Criminal Investigation Service HES Hurricane Evacuation Study TLD Thermoluminescent Dosimeter FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation [ESF-13] LEL 1) Lower Explosive Limit USA 1) United States of America LEVEL 3 EST Minimal EST activation level (NRCC) ERT-S Emergency Response Team Support Capability AG 1) Adjutant General 2) Pressurized Water Reactor AEIC Alaska Earthquake Information Center FC 1) Fire Control BSE Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (aka, "Mad Cow Disease") Ambulatory emergency care: Rate it: AESR: Arm Exoskeleton for Stroke Rehabilitation: DIRC Disaster Information Resource Center TSIS Transportation Security Intelligence Service 2) Integrated Exploitation Capability SDF Special Direct Facility CSEM Center for the Study of Emergency Management PPCBP Prickly Pear Cactus Burning Program FAX Facsimile 2) Chief of Mission NVOAD National Voluntary Organization Active in Disasters PSI 1) Pounds (of pressure) per Square Inch AAU Association of American Universities REPLO Regional Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officer RI 1) Registration Intake IHOG Interagency Helicopter Operation Guide S 1) Staging Area 2) Explosives Trace Detector COTHEN Customs Over-The-Horizon Enforcement Network FEMA NATIONAL US&R RESPONSE SYSTEM STRUCTURAL COLLAPSE TECHNICIAN 02-00 MODULE 1b - SAFETY SM 1B 4 SAFETY PLANNING The multi-hazard safety plan is a guide to the basic elements of safety for a variety of incidents. CAA Clean Air Act PC Personal Computer NLS National Language Standards DWI 1) Disaster Welfare Information (or Inquiry) NPMA National Property Management Association DOD or DoD Department of Defense The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is a United Nations agency tasked with helping countries eliminate poverty and achieve sustainable economic growth and human development.The UNDP emphasizes developing local capacity towards long-term self-sufficiency and prosperity.. Headquartered in New York City, it is the largest UN development aid agency, with offices in 177 countries. IRS Internal Revenue Service EAR Emergency Alert Radio GRASS Geographic Resources Analysis and Support System CIS 1) Central Index System NTSC National Telecommunications Standards Committee BICE Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement RASCAL Radiological Assessment System for Consequence Analysis NAWAS/BCC National Warning System Bridge and Conference Controller EIDA Executive Information and Display Area CFIUS Committee for Foreign Investment in the United States 2) Flood Potential Outlook NOEL No Observed Effects Level URL Uniform Resource Locator IRC 1) International Residential Code RIA Requiring Immediate Action CPSP Comprehensive Passenger Screening Profile CCA Comprehensive Cooperative Agreement (obsolete; see CA) JMIP Joint Military Intelligence Program ED 1) [Department of] Education EWO Emergency War Order CG 1) Coast Guard HRMS Human Resources Management System Performance & security by Cloudflare. CORS Continuously Operating Reference Station(s) PSIG Pounds per Square Inch Gauge IC 1) Incident Command/Commander EOP 1) Emergency Operations/Operating Plan NETC National Emergency Training Center RSPA Research and Special Programs Administration NLT No Later Than EBS Emergency Broadcast System (obsolete, see EAS) 2) Technical Assistance EPO Environmental Protection Officer Suggest. SW Soil and Water MASH Mobile Army Surgical Hospital IPZ Ingestion Pathway Zone 4) Synthetic Aperture Radar CRP 1) Conservation Reserve Program 4) Aviation Command Center 2) Instructor Guide TSA 1) The Salvation Army 4) International Medical Corps BW Biological Warfare/Weapons NSSDA National Standard for Spatial Data Accuracy 4) Alternate Command Post PCPT Pasco County Public Transportation (Florida) BPWG Best Practices Working Group NSTAC National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee FLS Flood Statement RECAT Residential Capability Assessment Team ISTL Incident Support Team Leader ESF 14 Long-term Community Recovery and Mitigation MAREP Marine Report DH Disaster Housing ALCOM Alaskan Command RCBAP Residential Condominium Building Association Policy TAOS The Arbiter of Storms NSDD National Security Decision Directive HOB Height of Burst RAMCAP Risk Analysis and Management for Critical Asset Protection Be familiar with the meaning and usage of common medical abbreviations, symbols, and terms relative to the administration of medications as used by the . FWP Federal Women's Program COE [US Army] Corps of Engineers MWH megawatt hour SEOC State Emergency Operations Center RDOS Real-Time Disk Operating System MH 1) Manufactured Housing 2) Cadre of On-call Response Employees (photo/John M. Buckman III) Several key . CVS Combined Verification Section RSC Remote Sensing Coordinator LHMC Local Hazard Mitigation Coordinator MHC Mobile Health Clinic FMC 1) Federal Management Circular Fema Abbreviations. OA 1) Office Automation NFMA National Forest Management Act GAAP Generally Accepted Accounting Principles RAMT Radiological Assessment Medical Team ACC 1) Agency Command Center ICBM Intercontinental Ballistic Missile NFFS Northeast Forest Fire Supervisors USC 1) United States Citizen NCTC National Counterterrorism Center PADRE Protective Action Dosage Reduction Estimator ARM Aerial Radiological Monitor DCX Direction and Control Exercise DTRA Defense Threat Reduction Agency APG Aberdeen Proving Ground MAA Mutual Aid Agreement MMI Modified Mercalli Intensity CBRT Chemical-Biological Response Team 3) Pueblo Depot Activity AMID Air and Marine Interdiction Division stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. MOM 1) Maximum of Maximums US&R Urban Search and Rescue ICPAE Interagency Committee on Public Affairs in Emergencies FEFFLA Federal Employees Family Friendly Leave Act GAAWG General Aviation Airports Working Group ESF 07 Resource Support MCEER Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research 2) Crisis Management Unit USSPACECOM United States Space Command LCT Liaison Coordination Team TLC-W Territory Logistics Center-West HARN High Accuracy Reference Network MT 1) Megaton 4) [United States] Nuclear Regulatory Commission HVAC Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning HMAC Hazardous Materials Advisory Council GM Guidance Memorandum SEC Securities and Exchange Commission Hdbks Handbooks 2) Non-Mission Capable 2) Crisis Management Center CICG Critical Infrastructure Coordination Group IARR Interagency Resource Representative NLRA National Labor Relations Authority 2) Outer Continental Shelf RFS Request for Service 2) Optical Character Reader SUPREPS Supplemental Reports Created by OIC NETAC National Environmental Technology Application Center 2) Direct Dial ESF 08 Public Health and Medical Services Inclusion recognizes terminology existence, not legitimacy. GUI Geographical User Interface MVGP Mission, Vision, and Guiding Principles EAP 1) Emergency Action Plan SHARES Shared Resources (NCS high frequency radio network) 4) Congressional Affairs IATA International Air Transport Association PDA 1) Personal Data Assistant 2) [United States] Forest Service [ESF-4] HWL High Water Line FCC 1) Federal Communications Commission NARA National Archives and Records Administration AMTI Applied Marine Technology, Inc. G-M Geiger-Mueller (radiation detector) 312 ( 5155) Duplication of Benefits 4) Transit Security Program CEMO Canada Emergency Measures Organization CRREL (US Army) Cold Region Research and Engineering Laboratory PUP Principal User Processor SWC Severe Weather Center 2) Emergency Medical Technician NAP Nuclear Assessment Program RSI Repetitive Stress Injury 3) Infrastructure Support TACLET Tactical Law Enforcement Team FRERP Federal Radiological Emergency Response Plan ARSOF Army Special Operations Forces 2) Initial Contingency Staff 2) Special Agent 2) Infrastructure Coordination Division DOT Department of Transportation 2) Preferred Risk Policy IDE Intrusion Detection Equipment [see IDS] IDEM Iowa Department of Emergency Management [email protected]@^9: dqBajMC!qD4@nEV7Jpd)n(0!Ahb(u >V@j*!J*`9 30#h Ahd0-)V1f(`(40{7B#eF 9sPDV/GtIb86HxcDl& TBR Travel Business Roundtable EFP Emergency Feed Program CBPMO [US] Customs and Border Protection Modernization Office SNS Strategic National Stockpile FLETC Federal Law Enforcement Training Center ONP Office of National Preparedness 2) Medical Reserve Corps CED Committee for Economic Development M/V Merchant Vessel PNR Passenger Name Record EOE Equal Opportunity Employer ESF 11 Agriculture and Natural Resources 2) Incendiary Explosive Device ODC Other Direct Cost 2) Integrated Process Evaluation ASFPM Association of State Floodplain Managers PMG Program Monitoring Group NSD 1) Named Storm Day 3) Annual Letter of Certification EPD Electronic Personnel Dosimeter ELC Engineering Logistics Center PNE Peaceful Nuclear Explosion ENSO El Nino / Southern Oscillation OEMP Office of Emergency Medical Preparedness CCST Chemical Casualty Site Team 401 ( 5170) Procedure for Declaration FRCM FEMA Regional Communications Manager REHAB Meaning 8. CHRISTUS Health San Antonio, TX ** Up to $10,000 Sign On Bonus ** The Children's Hospital of San Antonio, established in 1959, was the first children's hospital in South-Central Texas. FWAN FEMA Wide Area Network NPRM Notice of Proposed Rulemaking 2) Thrift Savings Plan CZMA Coastal Zone Management Act DHC Disaster Housing Checkwriter VOR Visual Omni Ranger 2) Non-Intrusive Inspection CEM 1) Certified Emergency Manager 2) Office of Private Sector Liaison (formerly PSL) 3) Operational Planning System DTG Date-Time Group QTF Quantitative Temperature Forecast NFDC National Fire Data Center CNS 1) Central Nervous System IOC 1) Initial Operational Capability HUD Housing and Urban Development, Department of CSEPP Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program IMU Inertial Measurement Unit NDRSMP National Distress and Response System Modernization Project (also known as "Rescue 21") 2) Crisis Response Cell MCE Maximum Credible Event RLP Repetitive Loss Property 2) Program Control Team UMDA UMatilla Depot Activity 2) Emergency Support Team AAMVA American Association of Motor Vehicle Administration TITLE II Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation Assistance (42 U.S.C. VS Victim Support IS 1) Information Security DG/CS Dangerous Goods/Cargo Security CERT 1) Community Emergency Response Team NAFSMA National Association of Flood & Stormwater Management Agencies SIP 1) Shelter-In-Place 2) Center for Strategic International Studies EMNPP Emergency Management and National Preparedness Program AV 1) Air Vehicle SUM Software User's Manual SBOL Straight Bill-Of-Lading 3) Information Analysis 3) Crisis Counseling Program ( Bh. LODR Letter of Determination Review 2010 Jeffrey L Saver. ERDA Energy Research and Development Administration MMCE Medical Management of Chemical Exposure FW Fire Weather AH Alternate Headquarters TNC Terminal Node Controller GC General Counsel (see also OGC) NHTSA National Highway Transportation Safety Administration RERT Radiological Emergency Response Team ROS Response Operating System 3) Receive-Only 3) Army Operations Center NMIC National Maritime Intelligence Center IHS Indian Health Service IGE Independent Government Estimate HE High Explosive AACS Automated Access Control System LAC Local Assistance Center(s) 4) Automated Manifest System MMPAC Merchant Marine Personnel Advisory Committee Exercise emergency authority to stop and prevent unsafe acts. R/h Roentgens per hour NCEH National Center for Environmental Health DMIATF Data Management Improvement Act Task Force, INS 2) Electronic Privacy Information Center ("No fly" list; epic.org) PCT 1) Polk County Transit (Florida) 3) Community Relations Service Our interdisciplinary team of dedicated professionals cares for a wide-range of pediatric trauma and injuries, such as chest, bone, spinal cord, head and neck and abdominal injuries. AMA American Medical Association SPCA Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ORNL Oak Ridge National Laboratory NDEP National Digital Elevation Program OSD 1) Office of the Secretary of Defense HPSI High Pressure Safety Injection AKST Alaska Standard Time (GMT - 9) NVFC National Volunteer Fire Council AARP = American Association of Retired People [Snelling . 3) International Standards Organization 2) Records Management MDS Mennonite Disaster Service ROM Read-Only Memory 2) Alternate Command Staff CIO Chief Information Office/Officer TA 1) Table of Allowances TAR Tone-Alert Radio TRES Department of Treasury (Federal Government, affiliated with EPR) HUMINT Human Intelligence SCSEP Senior Citizen Service Employment Program MHW Mean High Water NIDF National Insurance Development Fund %PDF-1.1 % RWA Reimbursable Work Authorization ACDA [US] Arms Control and Disarmament Agency BAA 1) Broad Agency Announcement PVA Port Vulnerability Assessment SLBM Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile . SMO Security Management Office (DHS subdivision, affiliated with MGMT) DFAIT Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade 623 ( 5197b) Use of Existing Facilities FPF Federal Policy Fee 3) Applicant Assistance MCD Medical Crew Director OAS 1) Office of Administrative Support ATST Atlantic Standard Time (GMT - 4) SO 1) Safety Officer 2) Interim Final Rule HSIPP Homeland Security Integrated Planning Process HMIX Hazardous Materials Information Exchange HSDN High Seas Drift Nets MUDAC Meteorological and Unified Dose Assessment Center NERT National Emergency Response Team MRIC Mobile Reconstruction Information Center OHRM Office of Human Resources Management 2) Performance Evaluation Guide MSFCMA Magnuson-Stevens Fisheries Conservation and Management Act 2) Church World Service 421 ( 5188) Timber Sale Contracts MIN Mobile Identification Number It is a method of self-care to use right after you experience a minor injury. BT Buying Team BSA 1) Base Support Area 3) Critical Design Review CEE Consolidated Enforcement Environment FTE Full-Time Equivalent GEMINI Global Emergency Management Information Network Initiative RRF Regional Response Force 3)yCommunity Map Action (Form) 4) Federal Response Center What does REHAB mean as an abbreviation? ICISF International Critical Incident Stress Foundation 2) Operational Requirements Document TELNET Teleconference Network NYCOEM New York City Office of Emergency Management CBRNE-CM Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, or High-Yield Explosive - Consequence Management Your comments and recommendations are welcome. 2) Standard Form UMP Upward Mobility Program JEMP Joint Exercise Management Program 2) Tactical Control System(s) TOC 1) Table of Contents 603 ( 5195b) Administration of Title CATEGORY C Roads and Bridges CPX Command Post Exercise 2) Physical Map Revision 202 ( 5132) Disaster Warnings CNSC Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission ENS Emergency Notification Service 5) Multiple award contract MRRS MERS Response Reporting System PAHO Pan American Health Organization VGA Video Graphics Adapter 2) Wideband NAVAID Navigational Aid UTCP Unified Tactical Communications Program MDD Metal Detection Device ZONE A Special Flood Hazard Area inundated by the 100-year flood; base flood elevations are not determined RCA 1) Radiological Control Area OECD Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development This course is a prerequisite for E-0279 . CPPS Certified Professional Property Specialist 2) Personal Communications Service ESDP Engineering Study Data Package JIOC Joint Investigative Operations Center CPPM Certified Professional Property Manager CFC 1) Chlorofluorocarbon ADIZ Air Defense Identification Zone PSMA Pre-Scripted Mission Assignment TPC Tropical Prediction Center 2) Design Basis Accident T-CAR Tribal Capability Assessment for Readiness ICF 1) Incident Command Facility ASPRS American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing SECURE Strategic Communications Resources Effort JAG 1) Joint Action Group DWR Department of Water Resources MMPA Marine Mammal Protection Act ANOC Association of National Olympic Committees NEPA National Environmental Protection Act CAP 1) Capability Assessment Program FRB Federal Reserve Board Abbreviations.com. 626 ( 5197e) Authorization of Appropriations and Transfers of Funds SGTR Steam Generator Tube Rupture ASCE American Society of Civil Engineers WPT Workforce Performance Training PSS Physical Security Specialist CCND Consultative Committee on Natural Disasters IATBOG Interagency Airtankers Base Operations Guide AAER Average Annual Erosion Rate DCS 1) Defense Communications System GGI&S Global Geospatial Information and Services 2) Broad Area Announcement JIB Joint Information Bureau 2) Interstate Commerce ANPR Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking EPP 1) Executive Potential Program BAER Burned Area Emergency Rehabilitation (Team) ADRA 1) Act Adventist Development and Relief Agency 2) Consultation Coordination Officer FMAP 1) Fire Management Assistance Program NRIS National Resource Information System ICGP Interoperable Communications Grant Program PSAMS Personnel Security Activity Management System GPL 1) General Population Level NECA Newport Chemical Activity NJTTF National Joint Terrorism Task Force DARPA Defense Advanced Research Project(s) Agency SSA 1) Self Storage Association NII 1) National Information Infrastructure R Roentgen TRIP Transit (and) Rail Inspection Pilot (DHS program, affiliated with BTS/TSA) JTF-CM Joint Task Force - Consequence Management SAREX Search and Rescue Exercise MWEAC Mt Weather Emergency Assistance Center 2) Disaster Emergency Services NUCFLASH Accidental, unauthorized, or unexplained nuclear detonation 2) Special Use Airspace NMAS National Map Accuracy Standard OCRWM Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management IAM Incident Activity Manager THREATCON Threat Condition ART Awards Review Team EFT Electronic Funds Transfer IIT Incident Investigation Team EPIC 1) Emergency Preparedness Information Coordinator BoO Base of Operations PLA Principal Legal Advisor Click to reveal NDAC Network Design and Analysis Center S&E Salaries and Expenses NMJIC National Military Joint Intelligence Center RPG Response Planning Guide GLPAC Great Lakes Pilotage Advisory Committee FRP Federal Response Plan (now NRP) PUBLIC ASSISTANCE FSH Forest Service Handbook Web. NEXRAD Next Generation Weather Radar 2) Community Rating System 3) Public Assistance Coordinator ETC 1) et cetera CARD Collaborative Agencies for Responding to Disasters CIMA Channel Industry Mutual Aid IST Incident Support Team FAMS Federal Air Marshal Service PIC 1) Pilot In Charge 2) United States MSL Mean Sea Level OF 1) Office of Finance CNMI Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands EMSHG Emergency Management Strategic Healthcare Group ISAC 1) Information Sharing and Analysis Center PCII Protected Critical Infrastructure Information NTEU National Treasury Employees Union FEMA - Definition by AcronymFinder What does FEMA stand for? TSAR Transportation Security Administration Representative DD 1) Damaged Dwelling 2) Aviation Route Forecast ASA (IL & E) Assistant Secretary of the Army (Installation, Logistics, and Environment) MG-MIN/M3 Milligram Minutes per Cubic Meter. HWM High Water Mark HHS Health and Human Services, Department of [ESF-8] 2) Exercise Manual LFA Lead Federal Agency CCITP Counterterrorism Cyber-crime Investigations Training Program NSSE National Special Security Event FPA Federal Preparedness Agency (obsolete) DPM Disintegrations Per Minute SIT Situation Reporting System 2) Weapon(s) of Mass Destruction DEST Domestic Emergency Support Team(s) Your IP: Flood certifications for an NHD Report are determined by FEMA the Federal Emergency Management Agency. 2) metric ton CSHIB Chemical Safety and Hazards Investigation Board CUSEC Central United States Earthquake Consortium LHW Last Hour Worked AMB Air & Marine Branch TPO 1) Technical Program(s) Officer DCA 1) Defense Ammunition Center NDMC National Drought Mitigation Center 2) Social Security Administration RETREP Regional Emergency Transportation Representative VHF Very High Frequency EAO 1) Emergency Action Officer RADCON Radiological Control (Team) BPA 1) Blanket Purchasing Agreement SUA 1) Specified Unlawful Activities FPEIS Federal Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement WB 1) Whole Body RETCO Regional Emergency Transportation Coordinator ARCA Area Requiring Corrective Action RFI 1) Radio Frequency Interference USBP United States. HEAR Hospital Emergency Administrative Radio 2) Joint Technical Operations Team
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